Welcome to Sonny Boy Guitars

All guitars are hand made to add the human touch mojo breathing life into every build. No CNC machine ensures that every guitar is one of a kind, not just an assembly line mass production.

Humble beginnings often tell a story of inspiration, trial and tribulations. This is the story of Sonny Boy Guitars. Like many bands, the quest for success begins in the garage or basement, teenagers bash out slightly out of tune power cords for endless amounts of bars. Thus leading into the local bars and establishments. Many nights played on import guitars pentatonic scales played, worn down fret wire, battle scars in poly finishes, sticker scum, blood sweat and beer. The gigs take there toll. The gigs dry up, scratchy pots, rusted frets, trips to the local guitar guru, where he also has been there.

Years on the same trail he’s gathered knowledge. Your loving axes under care of the guitar guru. Better pots, some crowning and a Polish, make her play new. This story gets repeated year after year. Conversations turn to how it was done. A simple truss rod turn, intonation gets set, wiring gets done, then done some more. Single coils, humbuckers, black bobbins, gray bobbins, zebra coils, nickel plated covers of the coveted PAF’s. And where did Clapton’s Lester go???

Years pass and you’ve done enough tinkering to every guitar you’ve owned. Some stay, some get traded never getting more than half on a trade. Then you find a plank of wood your grandma uses to keep her feet dry while walking to her clothes line. A plank of old hard wood, it’s thick, long, long enough for a couple of guitars? When asked where she got that big chuck of old wood she says “that’s my old coffee table. Grandma’s had that thing since the 50’s.” She offers it up, if you want it. She asks “what are you gonna do with it?” With a big old grin you say “I don’t know make a guitar?”

Your quest for knowledge in the fine art of becoming a Luthier leads you too the foothills of the Adirondacks, could it be a real life Luthier? Yes it is. He too is a guitar guru. Visits turn to hours of geeking out. PAF conversations, old growth wood, CNC machines are not spoken of. Your new teacher, much like you was also on a quest. Your first build with the proper guidance has opened a new chapter. Much praise from the regulars of a job well done. Grandma’s old coffee table turns out to be ash, a bit of flame, a new top with some spalt. The first couple notes blossom sustained form a ragged old bassman.

A new chapter begins….


Gear For Sale

Hade Made In The USA

Used gear is always around ck for avaliblity on Reverb. Some used guitars, vintage amps and some hand built geetars

Guitar Builds

Follow Sonny Boy Through The Build Process

Current builds are the sister guitars. They consist of 2 PC’s cherry bodies, 2pcs Mahogany top with flame Maple center strip. Maple/mahogony/maple necks. Cocobolo fret boards, with Jescar stainless steel Med fret wire. Both are set necks and will come equipped with Lust for Tone Humbuckers.